Friday, 22 February 2013

Robots and aliens
Minecraft tycoon
Secret agent water skiing.

There was a room I was hiding in with many feminine robots.  We were standing on a ledge above the door.  One human man dropped down and was immediately grabbed by four robot hands through the wall and subsequently pulled through.  One brave fembot jumps down to fill the hole.  Metal talons wrap around her body from behind the hole and she is pulled through and replaced by a mean looking man robot.  The other fembots lose their shit and start running and fight this guy.  I run away with the leader who is carrying this squishy organic thing.  I recognize it to be what the enemy is after.  We run and dodge more man robots (think terminator robot style) until we reach the garbage chute.  Two innocent looking aliens (one tall one short) help us into the chute.   A man robot jumps in after us.  I don't see whether our leader got away from the man robot after her.

We're in a high-rise building during the zombie apocalypse.  They are chasing me as I run to different floors and terraces.  I meet survivors on the way but they are too slow and get got.

Roller coaster tycoon.  Bright colors and grid lines on the ground.  360 vision like those extreme wide-angle lens pictures I have.  I can place minecraft blocks.

On a mission, trying to escape.  Required to water board which I do perfectly.  People back at the cabin talk me up.  It makes me uncomfortable.

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