Saturday, 8 June 2013

Moroccan market

In car, driving to get food.  Arrive at food bank, but thats not where I'm going.  I check my phone and where I want to go is nowhere near where I am.  The food inside the food bank looks good though.  I get onto a bus and talk to two homeless men (well one really, the other one was silent).  They tell me how good the soup kitchen is, but also how they get fed by individuals all the time.  I also see Siavash from big brother UK.  He greets me as an old friend and asks me if I'm driving a cab now.  I lie and say yes but only Sundays, and only in the king west area.  Suddenly I'm in a bathroom watching the talky homeless guy from before shave his head.  He says he got the clippers from walmart, and I make a mental note to go there.  Suddenly I'm on the road and I notice an empty car.  Since I'm expecting a car in real life, I get in.  Somehow I realize that this is  a strangers car, so I look for a place to put it.  I'm driving around a huge mob of people out in a market, driving very slowly as not to hit them.   I decide its better to just stop and get out.  I put the car on my shoulder and walk through the crowd to find a place to put it down.  I see a corner of a building thats relatively uncrowded and has black bricks.  I place the car down and its shrunk down to the size of a kiddy car.

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