Friday, 22 November 2013

Karate dad

At conference.  Disrespect dad somehow.  Her tries to punish me by punching my leg, but I run away before that.  I return to shout at him and ask him if he's done punishing me yet.  He says to my brothers to get into the car, we're leaving.  I wait on secluded corner of convention center, out of sight to read for a while.  See Michael park.  Briefly say hi and run away again to hotel outside.  Hotel is giving tour and Michael park is there.  Try to blend into tour but they notice.

Fast forward to a lake surrounded by cliffs that has expensive looking estates surrounding it, of which the hotel belongs.  I'm in a giant truck, trying to do a three point turn, but keep almost going off the cliff because I can't see behind me or steer properly when going backwards.

Fast forward to coming home from band trip.  I see my green suitcase being packed away but I take it out for some reason.  The bus leaves and I'm stranded.  I run after it and catch up because it's stopped at a light.  The huge amount of crossing pedestrians make it easy for me to cross the street and get on.  I walk past Mr hills and say nothing (its tense).  I go to the back of the bus and all my friends are there playing video games with some old guy.  They are happy to see me.

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