Wednesday, 18 December 2013

broken bicycle

Going around on my red bmc bike in the city and behind restaurants.  Go into one of said restaurants to find mom's side of family eating in the basement.  I go back upstairs for some reason and can't find my bike.  Someone comes out and helps me look for it.  Turns out it was in front of the door the whole time.  I vow to put it on a bike cart next time so that this doesn't happen.  Next thing I know I'm on my regular bike and I have a cart attached to my rear axle.  I'm riding downtown with Spence and he's ahead of me.  After a while the traffic picks up and there's a blockage in the bike Lane.  I go around this stopped taxi to get around the blockage and all of a sudden there's all this honking.  I turn around and the cart has broken off.  I bring my bike onto the sidewalk and this younger girl (18 maybe) brings my cart onto it too. I look at the attachment point and the bolt holding the cart to my bike has snapped in two on the diagonal.  There's still some threads left on the bolt so I unscrew the useless part and replace it with the part of the bolt that is still good.

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