Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Alien heist

In fancy hotel with Scarlett Johansson and a small team of thieves.  We break into the room of some bad guys and find that they are trying to recreate the Alien.  We can tell this because he has a skeleton of a face hugger that he is trying to reanimate.  One of the thieves is a woman who gets naked so just in case the bad guys come back, we can buy some time and get out of there while they deal with this woman's nakedness.  The hotel itself is it a warm area and we run into the manager upon leaving the bad guys room with the skeleton.

Fast forward to I'm in Brampton at the front door way and trying not to be seen by some bad guys.  They do see me and so I make up an excuse by leaving the front door and taking my dog with me.  They follow me to the park at the end of my street, and question me on what I'm doing.  I just say that take my dog for a walk without her leash.

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