Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Jamaican rattlesnake

Walking home from Bosco bus stop.  Notice very weird modular house.  Suddenly I'm inside the house and it's small.  The owner is there and talking about something eccentric.  He's a very eccentric guy who built this house to be a pinnacle of efficiency.  I notice something slithering off to the side behind the kitchen island.   I ask what it is and the guy says it's a Jamaican rattlesnake.  It's green and short and thick.  Then it stops and uncurls to reveal a furry mammalian thing that looks like a fat sloth.  It can apparently speak English and can reply to questions.  So I talk to it for a bit as the man tries to capture the oil from his drain in order to make soap.  I ask why it's called a rattlesnake and it shakes its tail and makes a kind of pleasant smooth electronic sound.  I ask it if its meant to keep things away or attract them.

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