Thursday, 26 June 2014

House party

At something that looks like my grandparents house.  Brought some snacks, the mixed kind with pretzels and sun chips.  At a table playing cards, forget which game.  Something about cards being drawn face up only 4 at a time, and I think uncle richard was playing.  We were seated at my grandparents old kitchen table and the carda covered only half of it.  It might have actually been a mix of their old house and the grib cottage.  Someone is going on a beer run (it might be josh) and asks me if I want anything.  I remember getting some type of beer but dont think it will be enough because other people surely will have stolen some.  So I say yes.  Now I'm in the basement room where the pool table used to be but theres no table or anything else in there.  And no people around.  Theres my gf doing some kind of contortion ballet on the floor naked.  I approach her to get some but I have to keep my guard up for some reason.  I am able to touch her body but wake up before any of the good stuff.

Also at some point I was ash ketchum trying to get some from misty.  Dunno where all that fits in.

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