Thursday, 19 June 2014

Winter car

Going to some party in Caledon with dad. We stop at the side off the road and park in front of a stop sign. I adjust our parking, even though I'm in the passenger's seat.  Its wintery and snowing outside.  I suspect that we may be in a no parking zone and tell my dad.  I get out and go check.  Turns out it is.  I look back at the car and its a lambo.  We're in front of a stop sign that's further obstructed by a large snowbank.  I get back in and move the car.  We're driving along and wind up in a tim hortons.  I drive the car through it and up to the counter at dad's request.  He asks if we can park it there and they say no.  I carefully back the car out the store.  All of a sudden its day and we're in someone's hilly backyard. I am carrying the car sans wheels and its light.  I hide it near the fence somewhere at the back, it folds up longways so that the neighbors cant see.

Then some bullshit about marrying my bro because I want him to be better.  I call it off at the last minute after I realize how retarded the idea is.  This is after I see some kind of groomsmen situation where they skeet into each others direction and a little spear comes out.  Its summer at this point.

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