Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Skydive bully

At mom's house. In office trying to hide two wireless routers.  Except they're not routers, they're listening devices. Have to hide them from hoover and misch because they are in the mob.  Hoover comes downstairs just as I leave the office. I act normal but am worried and scared on the inside.

In some kind of Italian square, possibly smoking weed.  Describing some epic skydiving scene which involves me personally bellyflopping through helicopters and saying one liners like a superhero.  Suddenly I'm in the sky doing just that.  This clouds are dark grey and interesting looking.  I slam through one helicopter and say my one liner through the other one.  They look cartoony - purple with neon green details.  Anyway as I'm falling I bought come lucid for a little.  I see that I'm actually skydiving next to a mountain wingsuit-style but without the wingsuit.  There is a village on the side of the mountain kind of like cinque terre.  I briefly wonder how I'm going to reach the ground but then simply imagine myself at the bottom.

My skydive is very impressive to my friends, which are all my highschool friends.  Some random asian kind comes up to me and asks if I can write a letter to this girl he likes saying how great he is.  My friends don't think I should bother. He's a few years younger and I'm feeling like a celebrity so I tell him I'll do it.  I say I'll work on it and will find him later to give it to her.  He says great and tells me that the girl is a mermaid (in a costume).  I ask him where he's sitting since this place is covered in kids sitting in and around the streets.  He points behind me and I get to work writing this note on the wall.  Just then JR comes around and is obviously jealous/bored.  He notices that I'm writing with a black sharpie and takes out one of his own.  He pretends to draw on me and I stay calm and say I'm really not in the mood.  He then faces me and draws two little mustaches on my face and walks away.  I call him a bully but he doesn't seem to be bothered.  He exits through the open  doorway on my right (and the right of the wall).  I feel humiliated and try to get back to writing.  But I can't ignore what he did to me.  I say to the asian kid that there's only one way to deal with a bully.  I go after JR and grab his head from behind to throw him on the ground.  I consider kicking him but decide instead to jump on him and stab him with the marker.  I wake up before he does anything to me.

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