Monday, 18 August 2014

Triple threat

In parents bed with MV.  She resists at first but gets into it.  Its dark but her lips are so soft.

Suddenly I'm in this small cabin thing and I have a small silver revolver with a white handle.  The cupboards are filled with knick knacks and old newspapers are at the top.  I pull the trigger on the gun to test it and it blows a hole in the newspapers in the corner of the ceiling.  The bang is tremendously loud.  I may shoot again but I end up saying the gun is too dangerous to keep loaded.  So I open the barrel amd the bulletin s are very tiny.  Spent bullets come out looking like bits of scrap metal.  Full bullets look like thin needles.

Suddenly I'm playing soccer with oakville people on a field that has this huge metal goalpost at halfway that spans the entire field.  the rest of the field almost looks like the field from my grade 1 school but i know deep down it isnt.  Its my turn on and the other team runs past me and scores.  I walk back to my starting position with my head down.

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