Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Circuit board closure

In some random apartment building.  Look out on rooftops of adjacent buildings and notice that they are covered with giant circuit boards, probably homemade.  Inside, my parents are back together and its christmas.  My dad is sad and my mom tells him he needs closure.  My dad begins closing all the doors around him as we tell him how therapeutic it all is.  He says he begins to feel better. He closes the last door with this tray of seven muffins by pressing on their tops.  This door doesn't close when he pressses down the first two muffin tops and he gets sad and says he cant do anything right.  We cheer him up and encourage him to keep pressing buttons. He does so and the door eventually closes. Afterwards both him and my mom go to have cigarettes and leave me alone in the kitchen. I go through my phone and see that my Inbox has a lot of porn. Oiled women in orgies.  I check to see if anyone is around. I feel my junk rubbing between oiled breasts. I'll check around to make sure that I'm alone and accidentally find my dad in the garage. I retire to my room.

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