Monday, 20 April 2015

Band trip

On band trip. Everyone is scrambling to get their assignments done on time.  Megan from mad men is there. I finger her and she comes really hard (she like stands up somehow).  Someone else comes in the room and I do the same thing to them but they don't come as hard and its a little disappointing. I go to bed.  When I wake up I'm in a ground floor room with my family. There's a bum waking around outside and I think its good that we're inside. My brother items the door and almost lets him in but I get there in time. Suddenly I have a fight with my dad and I leave the room because I'm upset.I walk past other bands members because I don't want to talk. I take my instrument and begin walking to the bus pick up. I remember the roots and start walking to where the bus stop should be. I will walk passed an apartment building with a lot of crunchy people. I don't think anything of it at first and continue walking past them to where the drop off point was. it dawns on me that the drop off point may be different from the pickup. So I walk back to the hotel area and pass that grungy apartment again. this time there's more crunchy people and they bumped into me and talk to me. one woman with fungus growing out of her walks past me and I tell her that she has the lemon. she says that its from when the condom broke. I wake up to confirm that this is a dream

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