Thursday, 23 April 2015


RuNning out from somewhere with recorder flute. It's BRown. People laugh but I don't care. I'm playing it in higher and higher notes as I run out, ending on D. 
I'm in a movie theatre with a guitar. I'm just gently paying along with the background music. Suddenly the movie stops and the lights come on. Then it's me and CB playing guitar for the audience. I'm just doing chords randomly and every cord is sounding good. I can even remember the finger combinations. The downbeat is what I tHink a g maj chord sounds like.

I'm going up to the balcony of some play. We get up there and the balcony is two sided. One side faces the stage, the other side has it's back to the stage. There's Brown curtains all sounds the high ceiling and its bright. I find this really weird but notice there's like a mini stage in front of these seats. I assume they're going to do a little private performance just for us, maybe with the audio from the main stage.  A Woman comes out and says we need to go into the stage. There's a big line as everyone goes in.

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