Monday, 27 April 2015


I am at a hotel and there's a guy yelling on his phone outside at the restaurant. Lauren tells him to shut the f*** up and he hears. then I do the same and hide my face. later on I work at a stock exchange and I see him there. he's a new consultants that we brought in to help us. he doesn't know that's me that's told him to be quiet and I do my best to disguise my voice but I worry that he's going to hear me tell someone else just shut the f*** up and then he will recognize me.

I'm also asleep in my bed my real bad and my boss is in the room he's telling me about Japan. apparently the region that he is sending as to when we go to work over there is near Osaka. since we're going in the summer it's going to be really hot and sticky. for a fraction of a second I think that he turns into a woman and then turns back into himself.

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