Thursday, 14 May 2015

Backyard renovations

We just bought a new house and we are fixing the backyard. we're digging up everything including the fenced in back porch and all the patio stones. we're digging up the fence and notice that there's some wasted space at the back of the property. we take the census out and meet the neighbors behind us. one of them comes over and so my cousins and the dog go downstairs while my mom talked to the neighbor. turns out the neighbor is from Albania and they are moving because nothing in the house works because it's old. my mom invite friends to learn about the neighborhood and my cousins go downstairs and I start drawing on the baseboards shading them in and making them look 3d or at least try to. I hear the neighbor say that she's from Albania and she's looking at some kind of map that my mom has and pointing out Albania. I go downstairs to find out with my cousins are doing and see that they're playing catch with the dog. they asked me about the neighbor and what she and my mom are doing and I replied that she's nice. the basement is unfinished and has a cement floor it looks a lot like my girlfriend's parents Cottage basement. outside this house has green grass and a red fence and looks a lot like my first house.

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