Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Dream Sign

Hey Everyone.  I had a chance to sleep in today and have a new dream to share with you all.  It was actually two dreams.  The first was nothing special, I just went to the grocery store to buy some seafood.  I grabbed a handful of what looked like squid and then, to my surprise, it started wiggling and fell out of my hands.  The man behind the counter said that I shouldn't have taken so much because they are intelligent when together. I then notice that what I thought was one squid was actually a selection of many different worm like creatures.

The next dream I had was about riding the bus and looking for girls. I've begun to notice that riding a bus is a common dream sign with me.  I was getting off at random stops just to see what girls were on the bus, LOL. Towards the end of the dream I noticed that there was a bakery at the random stop I got off at. I went into the bakery and found that there were doughnuts inside. I had a hard time reading the labels for the doughnuts [not being able to read it is common in a dream]. So I asked the guy behind the counter who had long hair and spoke with a French accent. I told him I was looking for a doughnut with chocolate filling. Then we had a long discussion about the difference between American and French genache. Some girl interrupted our discussion asking for a bagel so he gave her a half eaten one for being rude.

Interestingly enough, it seems my subconscious thinks that American genache is more gelatinous and less creamy or rich then French genache.  Weird.


  1. I have some dreams sign too, I have a lot of dreams where I find money, but the coins or bills are always in weird number like 56, 38 and something like that. xD

  2. YOu have some crazy dreams bro. haha

  3. haha thats awesome, try lucid dreaming some time!

  4. I often have reoccurring dreams, they freak me out.