Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another triple dream

Swimming in new pool.  Try to go up ledge for dive instead of stairs.  Slip and hang on with teeth.  Bite huge piece of plaster off.  Suggest cutting around it and replacing it, but everyone is still mad.  I go off moping to the back of my parents backyard when I notice something.  A little boy is trying to set a baby on fire!  He doesn't see me, so I wait for him to do the deed and run away.  I promptly put out the baby fire, grab the baby and chase after him.  I see that he is with his mother and siblings, so I tell the mother what happened.  She beats his ass while telling him to never do that to his brother again.  I go back into the house to tell people.

Notre Dame, but staircases look like university college at western.  Late for music, don't have composition prepared.  Spot Brennan in the hallway practicing.  We chat about how much trouble I'll be in and then he goes back to practicing.  Some people come by and make fun of him.  I defend him.

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