Friday, 8 February 2013

Church by the coast

By at the coast with the Zanardos.  The coast is jaggy cliffs and stone steps.  Some blonde woman in a tight bikini is there but I don't know her.  I go to the main house and notice that the weird gates-closed house suddenly has its gates open, and Lauren is right by there on a skateboard.  I go to see whats going on and she skates away from me, sideways to the house (on the street).  I follow her and she turns into the property finally.  I also go in and see a very fancy mansion.  I go into it non-chalantly and see that its a church and a wedding is taking place.  I walk through the whole building and reach outside.  I go back inside and have a hard time standing (I think I'm waking up at this point).  The priest tells me I have to wear a muslim-style hat in the church.  I grab 5.

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