Saturday, 30 November 2013

Space video game park

In space on Ceres.  Something is buried and we're trying to find it.

At park with karolina and brothers.  Looks like my grandma's old trailer with how there's houses on one side and field on the other.  We sit on a park bench under some red maple trees with some old randoms.  Decide I want to go to downtown Toronto and karolina wants to come with me.  Get back to house in Brampton and pick which video game character I want to be from this weird rock person game.  The one I want is a stealthy character (from the "mother" division of classes) with a cactus sombrero, but I'm no good with him so I pick the heavy character called "mountain".  They all have glowing eyes and look like ps3 graphics.  The mountain character can transform into a giant pile of rock.  I think about wearing a necklace that has the mountain character's face on it and actually put one on.  My brother calls me a fag so I take it off.  I find him later also wearing a similar kind of necklace so I make fun of him for making fun of me.

At some point karolina calls and says she's ready to go, but it's 630 at that point and since the only way we can get downtown is by biking, I say we do it tomorrow.

Also at some point I'm out with Lauren's friends at a non-blockbuster movie rental place and see a shelf full of old "dinosaur family" seasons.  I tell Lauren but she's not that impressed.

Also I think I use/used the mountain character on Ceres at some point.

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