Thursday, 28 November 2013

Try before you buy

In tunnel on train made of bed slats.  Fall down hole in tracks.  Then another.  Then another.  Suddenly at poolhall.  Someone comments how you can pay in bitcoin.  Look on wall and there's a word game where you decipher morse code and make a phrase a la wheel of fortune.  Watch wheel of fortune on TV and notice it doesn't have regular host.  After they solve the puzzle the regular host returns.

At mom's house, everyone is away on vacation.  Two pornstars set up a fuck bed where you pay them to do it.  Every time someone tries to kick them out they have sex with them.  Family comes back and I worry that they'll find out so I tell them to leave.  True to form they try and seduce me but tell me I have to pay.  I say I'm really sorry but I won't and then leave then.  Now I'm outside and the car is pulling up and I want to welcome everyone but I cough up a huge loogie (probably since my tongue was dry and numb IRL) so I run inside to spit it out.  It's not coming out.  Then I wake up.

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