Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tattooine war

Soldier in war.  Enemy is in cave houses and in bunker in the cliff across.  They keep firing their machine gun and I can see the bullets.  Manage to get through the line of fire and end up in parking lot.  People are getting into cars and driving away.  I get into one and wait for allies to get in to save them.  Car is overloaded, and because it's manual I find it hard to maneuver.  We get to some kind of mall and I get out of the car.  I am fined 150 for each extra person in my car, for a total of 450.  Inside the mall I go into a restaurant that looks like a supermarket.  Lauren tells me she can't believe I paid 450.  I tell her its dream money so I don't have to pay it.  Wind up back at cave houses and hear someone say "they just want you to keep moving" about the machine gun.

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