Monday, 9 December 2013

4 in one

On island with close brampton friends.  We're hiking in the woods.  Some friends start arguing about something stupid, and me and TD go down the hill we're atop to look at some hatched yoshi eggs.  We look in the leaf litter and under the ridge our friends are on but the eggs are all hatched.

Fast forward to a lawn, not unlike my house in brampton, and me and my brothers and my dad are all playing and wrestling and the grass.  Its happy.

Next thing I know we're in a hotel room.  It looks pretty generic and not fancy.  i wake up and go to the bathroom.  I spit in the sink and find my gums attached to my right lower incisor and it's neighbors ate horribly swollen and discolored.  I press it with my fingers and see that it's real.  Also noticed dry blood on my front teeth.  I bite down to see if it's painful and accidentally nudge my top invisalign.  I decide that's what caused this whole mess and take it out.  Now I'm packing up, getting ready to leave and my family is helping me.  All of a sudden my roommate walks in with some pretty blonde girl without knocking.  At this point I am changing my clothes and cover my nudity with my hands.  I laugh a little as the blonde averts her eyes and then goes back to the door to knock.  My roommate is some kind of chubby brunette with short hair that I don't recognize.

Then I'm in some kind of movie.  I see Xavier Bardon choking Claire from modern family.  He lets her go.  Flashback to Claire having an incestuous relationship with Silas from Weeds, and Xavier's character catches them.  Cut away to Xavier and claire on the side of a boat doing it.  He asks her "Do I still haunt you?"  She lies and says no.  He asks her if she still has feelings for Silas and she denies it.  Suddenly I am Xavier and I feel her naked body and asshole with my hands in the water.  I wake up.

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