Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A river runs through it

With Dad driving somewhere in mild winter.  We're chatting random stuff and he stops in the middle of the highway to see if we need to exit.  We don't and he starts back up again.  He yells at the other drivers for not being good, and I try to calm him down but to no avail.  I remind him that he just stopped in the middle of the highway just now and that he's not the best driver either so show a little sympathy.  Anyway we get out and spence and frase are with us and we have to walk on this frozen field to get to where we're going.  I look back at the car and its not a car anymore, but my dad running.  Anyway there are these presents we have to take somewhere and the only way to get them there is to cross this ice field.  Spence goes first.  I go second but stomp too hard and hear it crack and then I fall through at the end.  Water is actually pleasantly temperatured, but I still try to get out.  I do the backstroke until I can find ice that is think enough to support me.  I get out somehow and start to dry off.  My dad comes back and splashes me with water thinking it'll help me be warm.  I yell at him.

Now I'm on stage at a concert playing bass.  I had just finished stringing my bass, and am playing some kind of simple song with CB.  I notice my strings are a little weird, but play through it anyway.  After the song is done, I go back into the crowd, which has seating not unlike SfN, and see that my strings are all messed up and I have to restring the whole thing.  CB's family comes over in the middle of my restringing to talk to his cousin, who is sitting right beside me coincidentally and looks exactly like his dad.  We talk a bit about the concert after they introduce us.

Now I'm in some kind of cottage with some girls I hardly know.  I am puking uncontrollably and its coming out projectile firehose style.  They try to help me and say I have food poisoning.  I just try and not puke on their stuff.  The place looks like a summer home and has a lot of wood inside.  Outside it looks like Jay Pritchett's house from Mod Fam and is just as warm.  I finally stop puking and thank the girls for being so kind.  I tell them I'll get out of their hair now.  I wake up.

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