Monday, 16 December 2013

Douglas Adams and Guitar

Be Arthur Dent.  Know about terrible ship coming to destroy Earth, still shocked when it comes.  It destroys some kind of floating (in air) island first, presumably to demonstrate its awesome power.  It then says its phone number and that it will destroy Earth in 3 days.  Spend most of the time worrying and trying to call it.  Then have genius idea to call Slartibartfast from HGTTG because he might be able to save me.  Call and a woman answers.  I laugh and pull the phone away from my head without actually telling him I need help.

FF to a weird combination of uni residence and current address.  I'm living with lauren and trying to get on the bus.  Its summer.  We are waiting for the bus and suddenly Ryan Gosling is there, brown-bagging it and waiting for the bus too.  He talks to us like we're old friends.  Suddenly Kate Upton walks past and sits inbetween gf and gosling.  I say hi kate but she doesn't hear me.

Suddenly gf and all the celebs are gone and I have a guitar.  I'm walking around playing a simple 4chord song.  I don't know how to play but the chords are sounding alright.  I sit down and I am surrounded by kids so I decide to play for them.  I tell them I'm going to sing gospel style but the chords will be country and lively.  I ask them if they have any stories about the Devil and their dreams, because the best rock songs are about the Devil.  They laugh, so I begin to make one up.  They like this style of music and call it "White and Roll".  I laugh.

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