Saturday, 14 December 2013

Motorcycle new house

At San Diego Comic Con in Klingon costume.  Driving motorcycle away from convention center and almost running into klingons, jedi, etc on the road going towards it.  Suddenly in weird house, not unlike warren's, and looking for people I know.  I am the only one dressed up and I have my motorcycle inside the house for some reason.  Also one eye is blocked.  I run into MK and say hello with two cheek kisses.  We laugh and say how weird it is that we just did that.  I turn around and see LK as well.  I ask MK where Kacper is and she says he didn't come.  I park my motorcycle and go down into the basement.  I take off my Klingon mask and everyone is excited to see me.  I put it back on and the eyes are back to normal.  We talk about what we're doing now, and I tell them I now have a motorcycle I bought from CB.  MK and LK say how they own the house we're in and I remember this being true.  I tell them I bought the motorcycle for $200 and SB says he feels bad for CB.  I wake up.

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