Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Karate again

At old dojo with old crew.  Girl's changeroom is male changeroom now. Can't decide which belt to use, don't want to be rude.  Have black for some reason, wear green instead because that's all I remember the moves for.  Jim says he got promoted and I believe him.  Something about how he's always flipping electronics online.  Freak out and look everywhere for Gi including outside the changeroom all with no pants on. Jim's mom gives me a golden twoonie to pay for new one.  i realize I'm looking for pants, not gi, and find them.  I give her the twoonie back and head out to the boards to start training.  Sensei is not out yet and his office is more developed than last time.  His desk faces away from the door now.  He doesn't come out.  Everyone already ready and practicing on foam targets. 

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