Thursday, 5 December 2013


About to merge onto highway.  Driving on right side of the car.  Suddenly flashing yellow lights.  I recognize it as a police car.  I pull over and put my hands on the wheel.  Cop from memento gets out and for a second I don't know if he'll come up on the left side or the right so I undo both windows.  He comes up on the left side and tells me to put my hands where he can see them and to leave them there.  Her goes to the back of his car and gets this vacuum bag.  He comes back with an inflated bag and tells me to put my hands in plus some other instructions I didn't catch.  I do so and he goes bag in his car.  He comes out again and says he found gsr so he's taking me in (I presume its to do more tests like with drinking and driving).  I try to explain myself by honestly not knowing where it came from and briefly consider making up a story about just getting back from the shooting range.  We get to the station and it's like a five story house.  They take met to the top floor and leave me there.  I asked if they are going to do more tests but they stay silent.  It suddenly occurs to me that they never said they were detaining me so I race downstairs and dramatically start shouting if I'm being detained.  They say yes.  I still have my cellphone at this point so I call my mom since she works with the police.

Next dream I'm in a cabin with Lauren and her cousin.  We were going somewhere as Lauren's parents were also there.  Cousin gets on top of me with her feet in my face and won't let me up to get ready.  I tickle her feet in response and we have a good laugh.  I'm under some bed covers but naked and worried people will see.

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