Thursday, 12 December 2013

SfN with department

At SfN San Diego or something like it.  Sit listening to lecture with Fraser.  Lecture ends and I go get something to eat.  Going past Harvey's I see my old workmate MS.  He's cut his hair short.  We talk about his new job for a bit and then go to sit down (without food and I'm starving).  Almost all tables are full so we walk for a while to find an empty one.  It almost looks like the promenade balcony from San Diego convention center.  All tables are in the sun.

Fast forward to back at hotel.  It's Friday and we're getting ready to leave.  It's kind of like the department I retreat in that all stay in the same hotel.  See friends running around, but have hotel room to myself.  Ask front desk when bus is coming, they say soon so I scramble to get all my shit together and just make it.  Three hours elapse and we stop for a piss break somewhere cold.  I get out and piss in the snow, freezing the whole time.  Make it back two hours later.

Drive down again for Monday feeling like I just wasted so much time.  Check back into hotel and find everyone at bar.  It's dimly lit like the old British style.  I talk to people I know and realize I've been floating a bit when I go to talk to others.  Thinking I'll impress them, I ask if anyone else can do that.  The blonde girl from Haim says she can and does.  I ask myself if this is a dream and try to breathe through my nose while holding it shut.  Bad idea as real me has trouble nose breathing at night and I wake myself up a bit.  Fall back asleep soon enough and start checking out of dream hotel again.  Suddenly MS is there and says I didn't take my copy of my recorded talk and gives it to me.  I thank him and realize I'm naked from the waist down.  I cover it with my shirt and run back to my room.  On the way I see AN and NR talking.  I duck out and they don't see me.  Make it to room finally and notice gf's bikini top got packed.  Now I'm on the phone with her explaining how I have her swimsuit.  After getting dressed I go to the concierge and ask when the next bus leaves.  MS is also there and we talk about getting back to Toronto.  I say I'm taking the bus and plan to eat salt so I don't have to pee.  MS mentions he's flying back and I feel jealous for a second.

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