Friday, 6 December 2013

Toronto cousins

Out with Lauren, her cousin, and his biracial gf.  Outside at patio in Toronto, talk to them but can't see gf's face since its obscured by table flyers.  I can still talk to her and  I see her face every now and again.  Cousin says when they move here, she had better stop running on island time.  I laugh uncomfortably.  I see on my calendar that they are coming to live in Toronto and say how excited me and Lauren are for this (Lauren using bathroom at this point).  Suddenly we're inside and cousin shows me "all natural kd".  The box has regular kd but with these green corn flakes on top.  We pour it into a bowl and I realize that it's edamame.

I think there was a second dream but I've forgot it now.  Actually I was rolling a j from some very finely chopped ganj.  Lauren bought me a PS3 for Christmas.  

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