Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Cops and robbers

Waiting at walmart parking lot and get picked up by JY and some cop in a cruiser.  After some time it's clear they are friends, and the black-haired cop has some kind of idiotic inner city thug accent.  All of a sudden its not JY anymore but SR.  They convince me to put my debit card in this machine inside the car, and it starts taking out all my money.  I flip out and cop tells me it's not real and was only a joke but I'm still super pissed.  I get home somehow after being in a convenience store with the two of them.

With GF at childhood home.  Openly fighting because I want to check my bank account to make sure that cop didn't actually rob me.  Brother calls us out on it.  GF gets mad at him and I explain shes gotta try to get along with him because he's my blood and she only casually knows him by comparison.

Then I'm in my room in modern childhood home ("blue room").  I try to barricade myself in for some reason.  I close the lampshades and nap for a bit with GF.  We wake at 3, to find we have nothing to do.  Mom comes in to wash jeans, and won't listen when I say my Jean pockets are full still.

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