Monday, 6 January 2014


Taking tour of Los Angeles.  By sea I think I can see the statue of liberty across the way.  I am then reminded that this is impossible because of the great distance between the cities and the shape of the earth.  I still see similar towers to it but they are all just offshore from the city itself.  Next thing I know I'm at some naval base with my brothers.  We're getting into small subs manned by only twelve or so men and practicing diving in this small but deep pool.  I get in on my own and dive for a tiny bit before deciding I'm terrified and want out immediately.  I head over to the exit area to be slightly delayed. The female officer reassures me that this is all fairly normal as I float there in my goggles.  I close my eyes and wait for it all to be over.  I am then suddenly inside the hatch, and the female officer is a cute little blonde thing.  She tells me that she felt bad about the delay and figured I might as well wait inside with her.  She giggles and stays put as I exit into what looks like the San Diego convention center.  As I exit, I'm greeted by two women, one of whom acts like she knows me.  They are average looking so I play along.  I explain that I need to find my brothers.  I worry that they might not have known how to get out of their subs and are trapped.  We search for them in the convention center to no avail.  I notice the most beautiful brunette girl who is quite younger than me and with friends.  I do not approach her.

I take a turn into the main lecture area and I am greeted by the twin MK.  I follow her and am immediately aware that this is a concert and I have bought tickets for people with bitcoin.  We meet my high school friends in this corner thing enclosed by a long narrow desk and I give MB his concert ticket.  There is some confusion about the price so I go and get my backpack which has all the documentation.  After some mental math, I see that I was right.  People ask me why I used bitcoin and I show them how fast and easy it is on my phone.

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