Tuesday, 3 June 2014

After a long absence

It looks like dream recall is like a muscle.  You gotta keep at it every day or it goes away.  I'm considering using something like my phone's audio recording capabilities to dictate my dreams when they get really detailed, and maybe there can be some kind of program that puts them into text for later recall/nostalgia.  I do remember a dream from two days ago (what spawned this post).  I was downtown and somehow saw Carm.  She looked like what I remember from high school.  Black military hat with pinstripes.  I was surprised to see her, and it seemed like she saw me first.  She was looking at me through the crowd and smiling as she walked towards me.  Then a car hit me out of nowhere lol.  I fell on the pavement and the car drove quickly around a median and drove away.  I was in a dead-end for some reason so it had to go in kind of a circle.  There was a brick wall going across one section of the dead-end.  It was dark, but light (noon or sunset) when I saw Carm.  I could see the license plate as I was getting up and getting my phone out.  I yelled the license plate out to some high school friends in a van right next to me (Jim's old van or that 70's show van or a yellow cab from Friends) in hopes they would remember.  When I asked them about it after calling the police, they forgot, but I still knew it.  It was something like OBE- 581, although I was getting confused on the 58 part (it might have been 85).  The effort I put out to memorize the license plate must have spilled over into remembering the whole dream.

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