Saturday, 7 June 2014

Vegas tunnel

Driving convertible in Vegas with gf, some blonde woman that looks like Ally McBeal with a monroe stud, and SDA when we decide to go to this island part. We're driving off the road and onto the beach, headed towards the water. I worry we'll drive into the water but they reassure me we won't. Just before we get into the water we fall seemingly headfirst into an underwater tunnel that before was hidden from view. It's a glass tunnel and I can see the fish and everything.  Then I'm sunburnt and wondering why since I only spent a fraction of the day on my bike in the sun.

Then I'm in some poorly lit house or apartment or something. I remove this cover on a wall that's been there forever and find a keyboard built into the wall. I am listening to the theme from ffx and trying to recreate it on the keyboard and succeeding. Someone comes around to check on me and I show them that I can play this song on the keyboard. I show them the harmony part too. It's then that I realize the keyboard has no black keys and the keys themselves are not your typical white ivory keys. They look a little wide and are more like my grandmother's keyboard.

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