Monday, 4 August 2014

War Cottage

At MG cottage.  Guy I don't know is trying to push me into the water.  I run away to the other side of this long coastline thing with no hills.  Talk to someone about setting of dynamite in some cave to kill this guy who keeps trying to push me into the water.  Some black girl is there talking and she's pretty cringey.  They tell me that I need to blow up the cave backwards to front and also blow up the entranceways individually because they are the strongest part of the cave.  I get outside and run into MG on this dirt path by a lake.  He's on this segway thing and has a chimp that can throw fruit.  He tells me that TG and DM and my enemy have a gorilla that can throw watermelons, and that means he's no longer the fastest so he has to have protection.  Seems legit.  I run ahead on this path thing I get to a fork in the road.  I see the gorilla coming down one of the forks.  Its the most terrifying gorilla I have ever seen.  I yell to MG that the gorilla is here but that just gets me the gorillas attention.  And it has half a watermelon in its hand.  I run for cover as I see that the gorilla is about to throw the melon at me.  I wind up on this dock thing (at night?) and here comes that person that tries to push me into the water.  We tussle and I push them in instead.

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