Monday, 25 August 2014

Cats cats cats

At mom's house. She has black cat with yellow eyes and cat is pregnant. Cat goes off somewhere and doesn't return for a while. When cat returns its all sweaty and we assume that it has given birth.  We take it inside to feed it snd give it water and let it out again.  Next time the cat comes around its cleaned up and has its kittens in tow.  There is another black one, one that has white tiger stripes, and one that looks coloured like tv snow.  We let them in and I call dibs on the tiger as soon as I see it, much to the chagrin of S.  We close th kitchen door and there is one last kitten that comes by.  It is weird looking and has blonde fur.  It looks like it has the facts of a chipmunk.  Someone calls it a "glutinous" morph of a cat.  Apparently this type of cat can eat human grains.  We let this thing in as well and it runs around under the kitchen table and fucks off.  I'm suddenly somewhere with dad and he's saying that the size of th kittens means they're too small and are going to die.  I try to get back to the house to rescue them but there is a huge grass hill that I have to climb and everyone is in the way.  I succeed but then am transported to an enormous spaceship with no windows.  Everyone moves by standing on vacuum-like transporters that only go to certain floors.  I need to go to the top floor for some important reason, like we're being attacked.  I get to the second floor by accident and the people that I know there are slowing me down as I search for the elevator that leads to the first floor.

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