Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hot air balloon

Home at Mom's on my birthday.  Get present and its this hot air balloon.  Mom says to try it out so I go into the street and open the box.  This guy comes out of nowhere and sets up this harness on me that attaches to the balloon.  He puts it on two.  The balloon is deflated at this point so he turns it into the wind and we shoot up in the air.  Im holding on for dear life.  I look up and see that the basket like on a normal balloon is there but its inflatable and just for show as it is way too small.  We wind up over my grandparents house and he tells me to drop and open my parachute.  I do so after some hesitation.  I get to ky grandparents and tell my brothers and cousins what I just did.  They run out to see them balloon.  So do my cousins J and R.  K also wants to come but I briefly consider if we can all be supported by the balloon.  I say fuck it and decide that we can.  D also wants to come but he's looking frail and old and decides not to.  I join everyone outside and hook them in and tell them to hold on tight.  The balloon lifts and I wake up.

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