Friday, 1 August 2014

Chris traeger

Driving around old street. Girl who lives beside park replaced with KC.  I invite her to LW's cottage for a weekend alone. I'm being driven around by my mom and call KC to pick her up. I'm in the passenger seat of this red sport car from the eighties. KC runs out and she's a bombshell. Flash forward and we've stopped at the side of the road and there's this pond. A cat is in it just walking around and exploring.  He sees some goldfish and chases them but not into the deeper water where he would have to swim.  I'm swimming around him to make sure he doesn't try to escape into the forest snd instructing KC to do the same. He catches one in his mouth eventually.
Flash forward and I'm working some restaurant job but the restaurant is outside in the middle of a vineyard.  I'm a waiter and the boss is a young Chris Traeger in a suit.  I think to myself that I've never done a food service job before and this might be a challenge.  I go to my first table and its not so bad until I hear a female voice yelling something. I say to my table that I'm sorry I'm having a bad day with my co-worker. I quickly realize this is inappropriate and get right back to taking their order.  Suddenly the woman comes around the end of one of the grape rows and its FM in a bright (mostly blue and primary colors) kimono.  She says some stuff to me and it sounds like a we reconcile.  Later we're on the grass and there are these spear poles in the ground.  Every customer has left and we throw the spears around a bit.  Suddenly chris comes out and stops us.  He says something along the lines of "I've lost my way" to himself.

Anyway my dreams are getting more intense and I think lucidity may be on its way (I was lucid a couple nights ago but didn't write it down as it was only for a second).  I've had really intense dreams these past few days but haven't been writing them down and so I forget most of them.  My last one had me cutting some kind of sponge and then using it to clean a kind of emblem button.  Anyway thats all I remember.

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