Saturday, 2 August 2014

russian literature in the floating worlds saga

Something about vacationing with friends and lots of water.  Underwater?

Something about arguing with spencer and we're kids (about 8 or 9).  He wanted to stay in a bedroom at the end of the row of bedrooms (we're on vacation I think) but I threw a card in there first just to spite him and say that my stuff was in there first.  We argue about it for a while.  He says something really moving and starts crying and I feel really bad for him so I give him the room he wanted and a hug.  Fraser is there watching the whole thing unfold but doesn't say much.

In huge dark library.  There is a massive bookshelf in front of me that has tons of book covers facing out.  They all have navy backgrounds with elaborate and beautiful gold stenciling, each unique.  There is a bearded man on a ladder in a fur coat and hat carefully stacking these books in this way and a woman I'm with refers to him as the master of russian literature.  I go further into the building and the ceiling is enormous.  There are also rows and rows of books.  As the master finishes stacking the book he's working with near the top of the ladder, a whole section of books (8rows by 10 columns maybe) to his lower right near the ground falls over.  Thats when I realize that all these books are standing like that on their own (balanced).  The woman asks where dostoyevsky section is and the master points to it without looking away from the mess of books.  Going up to the bookshelf to have a closer look, I see that not all the books are those navy and gold cover books, that there is some variety to them.  I remember seeing one that had an anthropomorphized lion with a sword attacking something, also the scene is done in heavy metals still.  I ask where the english section is and he says in a thick russian accent "under the montana sign".  Well I go over there and find the sign and its all english soap and bath products backlit with white light, no books.  Thinking this is a joke, I go back over to him to find my dad talking to him about Styth ways of keeping time.  "When uranus is in neptune and that lasts for a hexagon".  I don't fully understand him but I cringe because he should just keep normal time and stop thinking that everyone is so different.  I notice that the floor is every bit as decorated as the books.

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