Thursday, 14 August 2014

Forest hunt

At store buying ammo.  Load two types of ammo, bullets and blanks.  Put bullet then four blanks then another bullet in gun.  Say its so I can aim if I miss the first time (?).  Poor reasoning lol.  So I'm on this hill overlooking a lakeshore with a floating dock in the shallows.  It reminds me of DZ's backyard.  Anyway a deer comes and its covered in moss.  Its on the dock and I have a clear shot.  I take the shot but miss.  Thats when spence says to move over cause he's going to do it.  I say no way and we go back and forth for a bit until I ignore him and practice my aim with the blanks.  The deer is looking like its trapped on the dock and can't get away.  I feel guilty and selfish and contemplate giving spence the gun.  I say that I'm not sure if I wanna kill it anymore because we have no place to dump the body.  Just then a forest sprite comes alone at the bottom of the hill.  She shakes two long strands of vines and asks if these can be bent into hoops.  She wants to make some circle things to wear as hats.  I pick up the vines only to discover that they are human cable tv lines.  I say no, but we'll gladly help you find some.  I wake up.

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