Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ostrich Riding

In wooded field riding ostriches with oakville friends. Riding one with gf and I'm behind her hanging on.  She does some stunt driving and I fall off.  KM is also driving and i get on the back of hers.  She drives extremely fast and I do my best to lean into the turns.  Its going pretty good for a while as we go around corners back to the exit, but then we miss a turn and the ostrich goes into the woods.

Suddenly I'm in a wood cabin with my family.  I show them that I can fly around by flying over a table and that they can to.  I realise this is unusual and conclude that I must have hit a tree riding the ostrich and am now unconscious.  I contemplate conjuring a pretty girl but decide to fly around a little first before getting so excited.

Suddenly I'm facing the elevator to go down in MB's building.  I miss the elevator so I put my arm in the doorway to open the doors back up.  Only the elevator car doesn't stop and continues going up while the doors open.  I peer down and see that the elevator shaft has a concrete floor and we could never go down on this elevator because of that.  I press the down button and the other door opens up.  When I reach the bottom I'm in a building that looks like ccbr caf but has three levels like the movie theatre at y&d square.  I walk around looking for a way to get from level -2 to level 1 and out to fly around.  I overhear someone talking about their tetrads which apparently are little kids who you mentor.  This guy is a fat philipino and I see a video of him with a super sayan wig on chasing the little kids around.  I go by an elevator to see some people trying to get as many people as possible stuffed inside it.  ME is at the front and she falls out while the doors are closing.  Luckily there is a huge gap inbetween the two door sections of the elevator and the shaft and she lands in there and rolls out.  I circle the floor some more and finally find the up escalator I was looking for.

Ok this dream I was lucid for a while but couldn't hang onto it.  Have to maybe engage my dream characters more.  Need to make recurring dream characters.

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