Sunday, 10 August 2014


At giant pool.  There is this two story platform that people are jumping off of and just generally having a good time.  Everything is really brightly coloured.  I realize I'm dreaming and begin to conjure up a woman to fuck.  I realize i have to pee and stop.  Suddenly I'm in a cheap motel room, so I go pee there.  Again I try to turn around and imagine a beautiful woman to have sex with.  I do so and take her clothes off.  I can feel the dream faltering as I get excited so I do the hand rubbing trick.  I focus so much on rubbing my hands that I rub them in real life too.  It feels weird.  I relax and get back into the dream.  I conjure KM and start rubbing her naked body all over.  We stop and start a couple times as she gets everything ready.  There are other people around but I try to block them out.  I flip KM over and put it in.  She gasps as the head goes in so I take it out and put it in again this time all the way.  We start doing it and I can't feel a goddamn thing.  I wake up.

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