Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Athf and diving

With aqua teen when we find the take out bag they came from. There's an old salad in there and when shake touches it he becomes this salad superhero.  He's flying around on roots that support him.  He looks green and leafy, with a spiral of long leaves going once around him.

Suddenly at swimming hole with brothers.  It looks like a quarry with a lake in the middle (no plants around).  I'm walking around the edge of the lake on a cliff path.  The cliff is around 10 or 15 feet so its not dangerous to fall in.  I search my pocket for bus fare and find three loonies.  As I pass a corner I look and see a hidden depression in the rock.  A cute girl pokes her head out.  I keep walking but we make eye contact and I say hi.  She says hi back.  I keep going and meet my brothers.  I sit at the foot of this rock room that encloses a bit of the cliff path I was just walking on (it goes all the way around the lake).  a girl walks past and looks at me expectantly.  I say nothing.  She leaves and I realize that it's the cove girl and I missed my chance to get to know her.

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