Thursday, 4 September 2014


In hometown with CB.  Waiting at corner where CBM is located.  See a car get egged and talk about how childish a prank like that is.  Say to CB that we did that too and its a part of growing up.  Have egg yolk in hand for some reason and it makes my hand sticky.  Look over to part of intersection where the road slopes down and CB and TG are roughhousing.  Suddenly they fall into the road and TG gets his chest run over by a car.  I freak out and start yelling ambulance at every parked car I see.  I also run out into the street to get them to call one too.  TG gets up and seems fine and I tell him we have to take him to the hospital.  I go into some house to collect my things.  Turns out its aunt J's house and I run into JM.  I talk about what happened to him and he agrees its a nasty situation.  Before I leave to join the others in going to the hospital, he invites me over to his new place since I've never been.

Also at some point I'm giving american change to someone and I stop to read the writing on the bills.

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