Wednesday, 3 September 2014


At house party.  Its Halloween.  Many people from my elementary school are there and some a  people I don't know.  KR is there with some unknowns and they all are wearing tight latex costumes.  Decide I will join them and wear this black latex cocktail dress for a laugh.  Everyone thinks its hilarious and I look for KR to show her.  I keep having tk rearrange my nads to be comfortable.  I go down the stairs and kind of swing off the top railing accidentally.  I land on my feet and try to get out of the way, embarrassed.  Almost everyon from my grade 5 class is there and we all had a laugh about my costume.

Also, i was at some point hunting aligators with snoop dogg.  Someone was showing me how to kill them by drowning them.  You get a pelican to bite the croc's mouth so they can't bite back.  This all takes place outside I. Some shallow water, maybe near a sand bar.

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